For the Business Owner, Key People and Independent Sales People
Achieve Your UNIQUE Picture of Business Success with Business Coach Chuck

Do you …

  • know what your next business goal is? If yes, do you want to get there faster & happier? If no, do you need help figuring it out what business goal is best for you specifically?
  • know what your business & personal strengths are? Do you know how to leverage them?
  • know what your business & personal hurdles are? Do you want help getting over them, or dealing with them better, quicker, faster?
  • want more wealth, health, happiness and LIFE in your life? Do you know how to make that happen, but need help actually making it a reality?
  • want to get all this from someone who understands you as an individual, not a business model?

Business Coach Chuck creates individualized (business & personal) strategies that leverage your strengths so you can achieve your next (business & personal) goals.

A Business Owner’s goals are fundamentally different than the Corporate Executive’s goals.

The direction of the company is intimately tied to the happiness of the owner.

  • Being that late in life career as a music producer
  • Hiking the Pacific Rim
  • Stepping out your door to the inlet boat slip

As a business owner, the direction of the company is entwined with how the business has been Started, Lead and Transitioned.

As a Corporate Executive, do Personal Goals and Aspirations have anything to do with Business Goals?

For the business executive, success is usually measured by their management skills.

You can be an awesome manager, but if you are going in the wrong direction, it is for nothing.

What is/are the Goal(s) or direction of the Business Owner? This is the question that is first and foremost.

And those goals need to be personal.

And then we Manage with Meaning

Building the pipeline that results in Sales.

Creating the process that meets operations objectives.

Leading the team that wins!