The Basics by Coach Chuck

What are your business basics? In other words, what needs to happen consistently in order for you to have a business?

Let's look at what the basics might be for two different types of business: a divorce lawyer and a web based retailer:

The divorce lawyer needs to attract prospective clients to call, for those prospective clients to be screened to meet his/her niche requirements, which would include suitable methods of paying the retainer, a process to move the divorce through the system, client service protocols, and billing. If these basics are in place, then the room will be there for the great practice of law. Without these basics, the attorney will likely be so bogged down with unsuitable clients that don't pay their bills that the practice of law takes a back seat to keeping lawyer's nose above water.

The web retailer needs products and product development, an excellent search engine marketing strategy, a site that triggers buyers once the marketing systems has done its job and gotten prospective clients there, efficient methods of payment, fulfillment procedures, and customer retaining strategies.

These are two very generic examples. The point is to quantify what your basics are. The basics may remain the same, but they can always be improved. For instance, the divorce attorney can always be attracting a higher level clientele and enhance the customer service protocol which will engender referrals which will continue to attract a higher-level clientele.

Most people know the basics of their business. However, for many reasons, we get away from the basics. Exploring this and making the needed adjustments usually yields great results.