Living the Compound Interest Lifestyle

by Business Coach Chuck


Of compound interest, Albert Einstein wrote, "It is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time"

Compound interest is a way of taking what we have and creating more.   Not only that, but it is a way of creating more by simply being. Compound interest is an invention, like all inventions, that is an outer representation of our inner being.   Who we have become is a combination of maturation – natural growth – and the compound effects of all we think, do and experience.   Thinking is doing.   We bring to reality what is in our mind.

If there is a goal, a yearning, a desire – hold it in your hand, if only for 15 seconds.    Yes, hold it in your hand and watch it, experience and bring your hand to your heart.    That level of visualization is so consuming that 15 or 20 seconds – I hold out my hand and see myself running on a sunlit beach, sand kicking out behind me as I laugh and play while my bikini clad wife runs after me, laughing with the wind in her hair.   My shoulders are broad and my waist is trim.   I let her catch me, her brown hair forms a tent over us as we kiss.   

Yes, my desire and my visualization were one.   That match gets my mind working, creates muscle memory toward a goal of health.   As I move toward that goal, the ancillary benefits of great health and weight loss are geometric rather than arithmetic.   The benefits compound in on themselves.   This visualization feels great, that great feeling is rewarding, I’d like to feel that way when I wake up and look in the mirror, so my mind and body begin to move in that direction.

In contrast, when was the last time you woke up moaning about what a crummy day it was going to be and actually had a phenomenal day?   It rarely happens.   The curmudgeon out there will find one exception and point fingers at me and say, “You’ are wrong.  I had one.     I had a great day once when I thought I was gonna die.”     To you curmudgeon, I say, “good, I’m so glad you had one good day – but did you know you could have a multitude, a majority even, of great days, by deciding to?”    Challenging events, that on a “crummy outlook day” would simply be the pits, are turned into opportunities with a frame of mind intent on compounding the interest of daily life.   It starts with gratitude.   Once, at a very low point in my life, I was ready to get very comfortable on the pity pot.   Yes, pen in hand I was ready to list all the things I’d lost.   Some of the things that would have gone on that list were there largely through fault of my own and some were losses that occurred completely out of my control.   Yes, I was ready to list how I had nothing left.   It was going to be a great pity party.   All the negative voices in my head had their party hats on and were ready to rock, when something happened.   I wrote, “I have nothing left,” and then I wrote a word that sent sheer panic into the crowd of negative revelers in my brain.   I wrote the word “except.”   As I began to list the items on the “except list”, my mood started to rise.   The party animals in my brain didn’t give up that easy, “you’re gonna lose that too.   She’s gonna leave you, you wait and see.   Your kid don’t love you!” But the more I wrote, by the time I got done, there were literally pages of just stuff and people and support and things and thoughts and attributes.   I began to laugh.   

That was the beginning of a transformation that brought me from a very deep dark depression and into the light.   It’s not just that each of these items listed had a positive quality, each of those qualities had qualities and those had qualities.    Positive is infinite.   Negative is finite.   That’s why death is represented by a flat line.    It has no place to go.   In religious terms, heaven is here, right here, right now.    Begin with blessings.  Begin with gratitude.     It is an infection that results in the
Compound Interest Lifestyle.