Oh No! Not this again!

(When to deal with your mistakes and when to move on)

by Business Coach Chuck

Not This Again.

Yes, that is where we often find ourselves " back in the same place again after having said again and again, never again!

And then the committees form in the head:
"We told you so."
"Back again, huh."
And then there is the thought that if people really knew the real you they would not like, do business with, hire, love or whatever it is you'd like them to do with and for you.

How do we get in these positions? Sometimes that is an important question and sometimes it is not. Sometimes trying to figure it all out is just our ego trying to rationalize something that we know is wrong. One day in New York, I got out of the Subway on 57th Street. I needed to go to some street in the Mid-sixties. It was a stop I'd been in before so I really was not paying attention, with my mind more on
some project in my mind. So as I'm walking along in my own world, at some point I looked up to see what street I was on and I was on 49th. Obviously, you say, I'd gone the wrong way. I found myself standing, looking at that sign, mentally telling myself I knew I'd gone the right way and giving myself reasons for why I came out of the subway the way that I did. Then I Just cracked up laughing at myself. "Hey
brainiac " the sign says 49. You are going the wrong way. Turn around." I became very amused at myself for the way that I tried to rationalize something that was so obviously wrong. Why I went the wrong way is not important.

On the other hand, if I find myself, for instance, always scrambling to get my bills paid regardless of whether I make a lot of money or a little " that is something that is a bigger problem over and above simply not having enough money. Were that the case, more money would solve the problem. In order to have a better life with more money requires a change of life-long ways of doing things.

How great would it be to say " "never again!" And be confident that were true.