Transformation: Proactive Change

by Business Coach Chuck



We generally think of “being in a rut” as things staying the same. However, of one thing we can be certain, nothing ever stays the same. Nowhere is that more true than in business.  

Change is Certain

Change is something we depend on.  Being in a rut is really an active form of denial.  It is a way we tell ourselves, “It is the same today as it was yesterday.  Sure this little bit of business has trailed off here and so has that little bit over there … but, it’s the same, really,” When things are actually getting worse.  The primary thing that is making it worse is our lack of awareness, which prevents us from either responding in a productive way or simply finding a new sandbox in which to play.  A rut is a fantasy of security we dream up in order deal with the fear of change.  Fear in this situation is no friend.  A curious observation of change … of examining why this business has trailed off … without attachment to the answer will lead to answers that are the riches of the present moment.  

Change is essential.  Ruts are death.  

Transformation is creative change.  Transformation is change that relies on our strengths combined with elements of the marketplace that give that strength new breath and a different life.  

Part of Coaching is to promote transformation.