From Chuck Markham . . .

From Chuck Markham . . .

Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach and Business coach are three distinct areas but all involve human behavior. This is why I refer to myself, generally, as a human behavior specialist.

I have a busy counseling practice in North West New Jersey where I have been practicing in the field of mental health for 15 years. This is after a 19 year Wall Street career where I was an Investment broker and was an Officer at both Drexel Burnham Lambert and PaineWebber.

It was in the transition between the investment career and earning my Masters to become a counselor, that I began my business coaching practice. That practice has operated alongside of my counseling practice. Taking all of this together is why I consider myself a human behavior specialist.

As a business coach, my primary focus is with small business owners and professionals, developing clients. Many businesses require the owner, among many roles, to be a sales person and to build a network that will provide ongoing business and growth. Many of these same people have a very difficult time seeing themselves in that role and this holds them back. I help with that. 

 In beginning a business, the desire to be the lowest price often undercuts long term objectives and this price structure is often hard to change once the business is established. Overcoming the inclination to do this is frequently as much of a coaching issue as it is a financial issue.

I am most helpful with the personal and interpersonal relationships. It is the people and behavior that will determine the success of even the best laid plans. People issues are my strength, as it relates to individuals working together, building sales networks and understanding that sales is a noble calling and nothing happens until the sale is completed.