These testimonials give an indication of the diversity of clients with whom Coach Chuck works. Whether you are a psychotherapist or an international Marketing executive, the goal of our strategies is to reach your core and boost you forward: Read what others have to say:

"In just one meeting with Chuck, I discovered - it seemed on my own - a business approach that aligned with my thoughts and feelings. This was very important to me in starting my practice...on that solid foundation; a very successful practice has formed."
J. Rudy Lucas LCSW, CASAC, SAP
Psychotherapist, NYC

"Chuck is amazing. He is insightful, perceptive, personable, endlessly encouraging, a great listener, and most importantly, effective. He quickly focused on what I really needed and gave me practical techniques to get it. Chuck really works for you, sometimes going beyond the call of duty and extending his services when he felt it could be more helpful. My experience with Chuck was and is an essential part of my life plan for financial success, personal achievement and sustained happiness."
Bruce Frankel

"Thanks to Coach Chuck I've developed motivations for decision-making that are faith and hope based. Another way of saying that is that I've learned to set my objectives based upon what I want. I never realized how fear-based my decisions had been. In other words - I didn't realize how much my decisions used to be based on what I feared would happen rather than focusing on my desired outcome. This has had a tremendous positive impact on my business. Now, many more of my decisions work and work very well. By focusing on positive results rather than problems...guess what...problems appear much less than before. In addition, I am able to see opportunity where I used to see turmoil. Since working with Chuck I've kept my head clear and much more of the time I am free of worry. When a setback occurs, I view it as just that, a setback, from which I emerge better than I went in: thus, attracting fewer difficult problems. Working with Chuck has been a huge benefit."
Dan Ross
International Marketer of Health Care Products

Chuck’s assessments and insights into a very complex business have been extremely valuable and beneficial. My company has grown and blossomed and working with Chuck has been a big part of that success.
Jeanne Mimm RN, NHA - Caring Connections
Consultant for top quality Elder Care

It has been one year that I have been working with you. Here are a few thoughts that I have about what has happened to my business and also the way that I now think about the world and the people in it.

When we first starting working my major concern was how I spent my time. I was wasting quite a bit of time avoiding anything confrontational. I had several partners on different properties. I was in charge of the properties. I delegated none of the responsibilities. Rather than explain to my partners any problems the projects were having I simply avoided the partners and sometimes avoided the projects. My world seemed very small and like it was always crashing around me. To avoid thinking about the problems I played golf and went out to lunch a lot. Early on in our discussions I realized that problems with projects are very normal and that I should stop making them bigger in my own head. You and I made a list of who I was avoiding and what I would say when contacting them. Some of the contacts were as simple as an email to say that I was no longer looking to remortgage a property. Others, like asking for $10,000 checks from partners were not easy but I asked and received.

Understanding that my business has a pipeline was very easy to comprehend. I research vacant properties, send letters to owners and relatives, negotiate to purchase properties or unpaid mortgages, get the properties ready for resale (cleanout, new roof, install front doors, negotiate liens with city, etc…), sell the properties. Doing the research is the least enjoyable. Installing roofs and doors is the most enjoyable. While I was doing the roofs and doors no one was doing the research, hence no more properties to purchase. Right away your idea was to have other people do the roofs, doors, etc… I was to do the research and negotiate the purchase. Still research was not getting done on any consistent basis. About four months into our talks it hit me that the only reason I wasn’t doing the research was because of me. I was not sitting down researching. This now seems so simple to me, but before I realized that, it was all me stopping the front end of the pipeline; I couldn’t figure out how to keep things going.

I enjoy running and working out. At this time I also realized that I was the reason that I hardly ever ran or worked out. I was stopping myself. I also realized that I was enabling different people in my life. The problems that I thought I was temporarily fixing for them, usually financial, were created by them. I wasn’t fixing their problems I was just delaying their pain by extending their reality checks. Reality sometimes sucks, but can be changed to be much better. In the past for me avoiding reality was much more painful day after day than facing it and changing it. Without working with you I would not have had this major epiphany that has been so life changing for me.

Today, I have a contractor to clean out properties, another to install roofs, another to do interior carpentry. When I purchase a property I only need to go to that property once or twice until it is sold. I have an assistant that does the research for me and sends out the letters. He is working about 15 hours a month. His letters are providing me about 8 leads a month. Last year at this time I kept all the information about each property in my head. I now have separate folders for each property. This may seem basic but to me it is revolutionary. Before meeting you, I could probably handle six properties a year the way I was doing things. At this point I feel I can handle three a month and I know that next year I will be able to handle more. I am now making money hands over fists. The future looks very bright. I am still working from my home office, but I am looking very hard for an outside office near my house.

The pattern of avoidance in my life was also in my marriage. It is still there but has been toned down to a manageable level. Although my wife would disagree about the manageable part.

I played golf only five or six times this year, however I enjoyed it each and every time. That was not the case in the past.

I am very happy with the direction in which my life and business are going. Working with you is simplifying things and lowering the stress in my life. I am much more relaxed and confident about my financial future. As you know my son is autistic. All of the changes that I have made and will continue to make are so beneficial to him and to my relationship with him.

Please share any of my thoughts with your current or potential clients. I use the word client, but I don’t feel like a client I feel more like a student.


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